What is the Frog Game?

In the popular frog game "Frogs Duel" two frogs battle for the dominance of a frog bog. You control one of two frogs who live at this frog pond.

Your goal is to jump between two water lily pads and catch insects flying over the pond with your frog's tongue. Try to score higher than your computer controlled rival until the night sets in. But avoid dangerous birds that circle over the terrain - they love frogs for lunch!


  * Day fades into night
  * Play against the computer with three challenging difficulty settings
  * Different insects including dragonflies and fireflies appear depending on the time of day
  * Unique flight characteristics for every single insect
  * Frogs can fall into water and swim back
  * Enable or disable bird attacks
  * Suitable for every age
  * Highscores
Frog Game

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